Fee Compression My ________ [Episode 75]

There’s a lot of misinformation and confusion circulating right now, and Matthew and Micah are here to set the record straight. They are pretty fired up about this thing called fee compression and how giving valuable advice seems to have gone out the window, so today they’re talking about why many people are focusing on the wrong issues and what to focus on instead.

With businesses that were seemingly “bankruptcy-proof” now looking at millions in losses and potentially needing to shut their doors permanently, the issue with bad advice and so-called advisors who are unprepared to properly assist these businesses has gotten out of hand. Listen in as the guys break down what you need to know about who is eligible for what, where you should be focusing in order to help your clients make it through this crisis relatively unscathed, and more.

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What You’ll Learn In Today’s Episode:

  • How to deliver the information people need in a tactful and helpful way.
  • The issue with unqualified advisors and the damage it is doing to businesses.
  • How Matthew and Micah would have advised a specific client who has been done a disservice.
  • The importance of charging enough in order to be there for people.
  • How to put government assistance to use and not have to pay it back.
  • What advisors can do right now to prospect.

Ideas Worth Sharing:

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