Ground Zero Prospecting [Episode 34]

It can be really hard to know where to begin when you’re building your practice from the ground up, so today’s episode covers the basics on how to start your practice from scratch. Matt and Micah dive into the key pieces that will make a big difference in how well you do from the beginning so you get up on your feet faster.

Listen in to discover what common mistake many advisors make and how it affects not only their practices, but also their lives. You will also learn the importance of making the shift you need before life forces you to do it, tips on solid prospecting and getting yourself in front of the right people, and more.

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What You’ll Learn In Today’s Episode:

  • A common misunderstanding when it comes to having the perfect RIA.
  • The importance of processes and not recreating everything to fit you perfectly.
  • Why one of our listeners has decided to take an entire week off each month.
  • The value of looking the part.
  • How to get yourself in front of who you want to do business with.
  • Why establishing yourself as an expert within a specific niche is crucial.
  • How to use COIs (center of influence) and get the most out of them.

Ideas Worth Sharing:

Don’t wait around for something in your life to take place that tells you to make a change. Make the change now. - @ThePerfectRIA Click To Tweet Advisors can only account for 1,000 out of the roughly 2,000 hours in the year. - @ThePerfectRIA Click To Tweet Work is work. Work! When you’re there—perform. Come at a high level and hit this thing running and knock it out of the park so you can take care of your clients. Then go be with your family. - @ThePerfectRIA Click To Tweet

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