Head Trash with Coach Joe Lukacs [Episode 71]

This is a special episode because Coach Joe Lukacs joins the show to discuss how to make sure you’re in a good headspace that will allow you to effectively help your family, business, and clients through difficult times. Whether you’re an advisor who has been through a recession before or this is your first rodeo, you’ll gain some great insights and tips on how to handle unexpected challenges.

From what you should do when you first wake up to what you should do before sleeping, Joe shares how to nurture your mind and body to ensure you’re ready for success. He also gives valuable tips on how to improve your workspace and leverage shared experiences to help clients on a more personal level.

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What You’ll Learn In Today’s Episode:

  • How to mentally gear up for current and future changes.
  • Advice for better handling uncertainty.
  • Where commonality can be a beneficial tool.
  • The importance of personal development (and how it affects your success).
  • Why you need to get rid of apps and alerts that interrupt your flow.
  • How to end and start your days.
  • Why we must look at the bigger picture early on.

Ideas Worth Sharing:

Most advisors don’t have a point of reference. They haven’t been through this before, so the emotional muscle hasn’t been built. There’s no muscle memory because there’s no training around that.” –  @CoachJoeLukacs Click To Tweet In prosperous times, the marginal advisor gets by. But in tough times, the exceptional advisor is the one who excels. - @ThePerfectRIA Click To Tweet This is a game of energy right now—mental, physical, and emotional. - @CoachJoeLukacs Click To Tweet

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