How To Find The Right Estate Planning Attorney?

In this bonus section, Rod and Micah discuss how to find the right estate planning attorney. There are a lot of criteria that you want to take into consideration, and there is also a process that you need to have in place. 

The key differentiators, in this case, are the following:

  1. Are they estate planning attorney, or are they attorney that does estate planning? What you, as a financial planner, should really go for is to choose an attorney who specializes in estate planning. 
  2. The estate planning attorney should be open to different people with different interests and needs. This sounds weird, but the majority of estate planning attorneys do estate planning based on assets and taxes and assume that is all the clients want. 

Yeah, we know; what you currently think now is, “yes, of course, that sounds awesome on paper, but how do I make sure I’m talking with the right estate planning attorney?”

Well, your first step as a financial advisor who wants to differentiate himself/herself from all of the other financial advisors out there, and as a human being, actually, is to respect other people’s time. And what that means, in this case, is to actually be willing to pay for the time you spend with the estate planning attorney talking on the specific matter. Yes, that’s right, call the referred attorney and ask to pay for an hour of his/her time and consult on the subject of your matter. 

Your next step, once you are at the meeting, is to be able to recognize whether this is the estate planning attorney you want to work with, and in this case, we use different approaches and questions to find this out.

  1. This bonus section contains the Attorney Interview Questionnaire that Shilanski and Associates, Inc. use in their practice, and it can help you by using it too. 
  2. Apart from it, Rod and Micah are also sharing a few more tips, like paying attention to how dedicated the estate planning attorneys are, meaning do they show up on time for your meetings.
  3. You can also ask them what areas of law they specialize in or what areas they feel comfortable practicing. This will be enough information for you to know how many things that they do are everything but estate planning or are not even related to estate planning. 
  4. Last but not least thing is – ask them to walk you through their client process. That will help you understand whether they even have or whether you have a similar working style.

Listen to the recording below for this and many more…

Attorney Interview Questions