LTC Planning [Episode 76]

Today’s topic is one that can be a bit of a hot button, but it’s something that needs to be discussed: long-term care. In this episode, Matthew and Micah sit down to chat about how you can really help your clients when it comes to making the right long-term care decisions well before it becomes necessary, as well as how to mitigate the risks of retirement and guide clients through the maze of long-term care planning and insurance.

Listen in as the guys unpack this subject and weigh in on how to help your clients make the right decision for their needs. You’ll learn the difference between long-term care insurance and long-term care planning, how Matthew and Micah handle this serious topic, and how you can deliver massive value in this area.

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What You’ll Learn In Today’s Episode:

  • The common disagreement on long-term care.
  • How to begin the conversation on LTC and keep it light.
  • The difference between long-term care insurance and long-term care planning.
  • What to do when a client needs long-term care.
  • Options of what can be presented to clients.
  • How to manage expectations on premiums.
  • Why failing to plan can put your client’s family in a terrible position—and how to avoid that.
  • How you can be better prepared to assist clients in their time of need.
  • What to review for your clients to save them from future issues.

Ideas Worth Sharing:

Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the mouth. - Mike Tyson Click To Tweet 98% of people who come in have no idea what to do for long-term care, but they feel they need to do something—but they have no idea what that’s going to be. - @ThePerfectRIA Click To Tweet If clients aren’t willing to share their documents, we can’t do our job as financial planners. - @ThePerfectRIA Click To Tweet

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