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Allow us to introduce our Mastermind Club.

While lists abound profiling the biggest RIA firms (e.g. Barron’s), Perfect RIAs are almost totally hidden from view, which is admittedly how most of us like it. But it makes it very difficult to find kindred souls.

Almost by chance we have assembled a small group of Perfect RIAs from around the country. We meet together a couple of times a year to learn from each other and to discuss the unique goals and challenges facing Perfect RIAs.

Like you, we carefully guard our valuable time and are only interested in a Mastermind that delivers massive value. To be considered for the Perfect RIA mastermind, all members need to agree that having you join would be a win-win for everyone involved.

At a minimum your practice needs to deliver massive value to your clients, generate $750k of revenue, and provide you a lifestyle that includes incredible amounts of family time. If this sounds like your practice describing your practice, explaining what you hope to gain from joining our mastermind, and what you can add to the group.

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*Please note: We are very selective in accepting new members. All existing members have to approve anyone new, so please don’t be offended if we decide it might not be a good fit.