RMD Value Adds [Episode 64]

Many advisors see one thing in particular as more of a nuisance than an opportunity to add value. What thing is that? Required minimum distributions, or RMDs. But the truth is that RMDs are often an overlooked opportunity, and today Matt and Micah will explain why this is one of those little areas where you can potentially deliver massive value.

Listen in as they outline how to stay ahead of the curve and communicate with intention so that your clients know you are on top of your game. You will get an inside view of how Matt and Micah administer their RMDs to their own clients, including an in-depth look at how to ensure these are done right—and as efficiently as possible

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What You’ll Learn In Today’s Episode:

  • One of the most important things about delivering massive value.
  • When to get started on the RMDs.
  • How Matt and Micah administer their RMDs.
  • Why you need to be aware of the language you use with your clients.
  • How to handle QCDs.
  • The importance of tracking all your value adds.

Ideas Worth Sharing:

{RMDs are} one of those areas that you can be ahead of and deliver massive value to your clients—or you could be behind in it, and they’ll wonder why the heck you’re not doing your job.- @ThePerfectRIA Click To Tweet Knowing their answers before they know the questions—this is the key of an expert right here, and this is a key of delivering massive value .- @ThePerfectRIA Click To Tweet Any value add that we do, I like to keep track of that.- @ThePerfectRIA Click To Tweet

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