Staffing [Episode 31]

Regardless of the company, staffing issues happen, and it’s up to us as leaders to investigate these problems with a curious mindset. In this episode, Matt and Micah discuss the importance of looking into where the system failed, instead of blaming your staff when a problem comes up.

Listen in to hear their personal stories of reacting emotionally or negatively to situations within their businesses, as well as how they discovered that the problems weren’t the result of their teams letting them down. You’ll learn the importance of leading by example, how to teach your staff to think like you, and why we shouldn’t be afraid to take ownership.

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What You’ll Learn In Today’s Episode:

  • How to take extreme ownership in the workspace.
  • Why we must investigate issues instead of immediately blaming our staff. 
  • How to approach major problems with a curious mindset. 
  • The importance of leading by example with your team. 
  • How to teach your staff to think like you.
  • How to create a delegation system.

Ideas Worth Sharing:

You can’t delegate out problems, right? When problems happen, it’s you. You have to own them. - @ThePerfectRIA Click To Tweet When you take ownership—when you are leading by example—your entire team does the same thing. - @ThePerfectRIA Click To Tweet Rule number one of delegating: you never take it back. - @ThePerfectRIA Click To Tweet

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