Stop Lying to Yourself [Episode 27]

There’s something that plenty of advisors are guilty of doing without even realizing it: lying to themselves. It’s easy to inflate the numbers in your practice, or even guess at them without truly knowing the metrics. And while it may seem harmless to toss around estimations, the truth is that it’s actually quite the opposite.

In this episode, Matt and Micah dive into the subject of integrity and how to make sure you’re living and owning your truth. Listen in to learn how this subject relates to continuous growth, improvements in your practice, and increased efficiency.

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What You’ll Learn In Today’s Episode:

  • The four things in life you have to do to have integrity.
  • What makes advisors tend to lie to themselves.
  • Why it’s important to track your numbers.
  • What your success as an advisor depends on.
  • Why it’s important to have integrity within yourself.
  • How to have integrity with your spouse.
  • The important numbers to track.
  • Why you don’t need a high-tech tool to track KPIs.
  • A key mindset shift that can lead to more efficiency.

Ideas Worth Sharing:

If you’re not measuring things, if you’re not tracking things, and if you’re not being super honest … you’re going to go down this really bad rabbit hole and live in this delusional world. - @mshilanski Click To Tweet I know for me that if I haven’t actually recorded a number, my memory of it is false. - Matt Jarvis Click To Tweet It doesn’t matter how many times you get up to bat if you swing and miss. The failure really hurts when you don’t learn from it. - @mshilanski Click To Tweet

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