When Nick Murray Told Jarvis to NOT Come to His Conference [Episode 90]

After sending Nick Murray his business plan to look over back in 2009/2010, Matthew Jarvis was told it was so terrible that he shouldn’t waste his time. So in this episode, the guys will be unpacking how this impacted Matt and his future, as well as what you can do to actually improve your practice rather than just play office.

Listen in to hear what went wrong with Matt’s business plan and what it took to get it right. You will learn the common warning signs of playing office and how you can bring attention to it, cut down on it, and consciously lead your practice away from it.

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What You’ll Learn In Today’s Episode:

  • The traps we fall into when striving to improve our practices.
  • Warning signs that you’ll be playing office and how to fix it.
  • How the office reflects your behavior.
  • The value of time blocking and the techniques Matt and Micah use.
  • What was wrong with Matt’s business plan.
  • The importance of giving tasks “a place to live” and what that means.

Ideas Worth Sharing:

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