When YOU Haven’t Demonstrated Value [Episode 74]

Sitting down with a potential client who is reluctant or doesn’t see your value from the start is something that can mess with you if you don’t have a plan. So today Matt and Micah will be answering a question they got on this subject and breaking down how to address a situation like this, including how to demonstrate value and ask the right questions.

When it comes to highlighting your expertise, the guys share their experiences and tips on using questions and subtle methods to clearly show it off. Listen in to learn what reactions you’re looking for, how to clear the head trash that gets in the way with these situations, and the exact questions and talking points Matt and Micah use to gain attention and make connections.

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What You’ll Learn In Today’s Episode:

  • Why you need to be asking the right questions.
  • What we think people want to hear vs. what they really want to hear.
  • The importance of creating a connection.
  • An exercise on finding out how to come off as an expert.
  • The reactions you’re looking for.
  • Matt and Micah’s list of talking points and questions.

Ideas Worth Sharing:

I was focused on changing the power dynamic and being able to show myself as the expert, when really the secret is to shut up and ask good questions. - @ThePerfectRIA Click To Tweet A wise man can learn more from a foolish question than a fool can learn from a wise answer.- Bruce Lee Click To Tweet If you are an expert, your expertise will come out with the questions that you ask.- @ThePerfectRIA Click To Tweet

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