With Guest John Barron [Episode 79]

Hearing rejection time and time again can be a soul-crushing experience. In today’s episode, business coach John Barron stops by to share his approach to the sales process that will have you never again questioning whether you’re likable or trustworthy—and have you closing more sales.

We’ve all been there: a salesperson approaches you, and you inwardly cringe as you wonder whether you’ll be pressured into buying something you may or may not need. Listen in as John shares how his sales approach takes that pressure off the consumer and creates an enjoyable buying experience instead. You’ll learn how to offer value every step of the way and avoid feeling the sting of rejection.

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What You’ll Learn In Today’s Episode:

  • The pitfalls of the traditional sales process.
  • Why being charismatic can actually be a bad thing.
  • How to give prospects permission to make an informed decision.
  • Two things a well-designed sales process should do.
  • The sales stages consumers go through before making a buying decision.
  • Why managing expectations is important in the sales process.
  • The secret to getting consumers to engage with you.
  • How to balance getting information from a prospect without creating a tedious process for them.
  • Action steps you can take right now to refine your sales process.

Ideas Worth Sharing:

You’ve now given them permission to do what they were already going to do. - John Barron Click To Tweet

People don’t want to engage with you until they’re ready. - John Barron Click To Tweet

Every opportunity you have to get in front of people, you should be providing value. - John Barron Click To Tweet

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