Meetings That Convert: Amp Up Your Prospecting Process

You can’t control what the prospect does, but you can control what you do.


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Matthew Jarvis
Financial Planner, CFP®


If you’re doing well in this business, it’s likely due to one key feature: you are driven by your clients’ success. It’s as simple as that. On its face, this might sound silly, right? But isn’t everyone out to help their clients? Well, sure, but to truly push ahead, you have to be the type of financial advisor who believes that the work they are doing can genuinely impact lives and treats every minute on the job as such. 

That’s why prospect meetings matter! Prospect meetings are opportunities to transform someone’s life in a single hour. Whether they’re making all the right decisions or some right decisions, prospect meetings allow you to see how much value you can provide a client in a mere sixty minutes. 

Why else should you love prospect meetings? 

Well, we’ll give it to you straight: prospect meetings offer you the opportunity to get some of the fastest feedback you’ll ever get on your business. So pay close attention to the clues your potential clients are offering you throughout this meeting to regularly check if you are delivering massive value. 

What micro behaviors can tell you this? Check for attentiveness, eye motion, body language, and more. Stuck on a phone call rather than in an in-person meeting? Consider closing your eyes while listening to really hone in on your client’s mood to ensure that you can offer massive value throughout your time together.  

What is massive value?

Massive value is offering your clients the chance to leave the meeting with something new that they didn’t have when they walked in your door. 

What’s important is ensuring that you meet your clients where they are and offer value by providing solutions to the problems they truly need answers to, rather than what you think they need help with. Read on to learn about ways to deliver this massive value by meeting your clients’ individual needs.

How do you deliver massive value in an hour-long meeting?

Good question; we love to hear it! Begin with focusing on the economy of language. How much time are you spending speaking rather than listening to your clients? If you’re spending fifteen of your sixty minutes shooting the breeze with your life story, you’re not demonstrating value add to your clients. 

Begin with their concerns. Ask them exactly what questions and concerns are on their mind. Then, give them the opportunity to tell you what immediate action you can take to provide them with massive value and, better yet, instant gratification. Even if you take the smart move of asking for questions in advance, offer an opportunity for them to state additional questions that may not have made it on the preliminary survey. 

Above all, don’t spend your time planning what you will say during the meeting. Instead, spend your time planning what questions you will ask. Ideally, your mindset should be focused on providing massive value to the client rather than making the sale. 

Clients must recognize you as a person driven by their financial success. You can’t control what the prospect does, but you can control what you do. Act interested, ask good questions and offer them your very best. As you’re completing your observations and doing your all to add massive value, pay attention to whether or not this client is the right fit for you. 

Meetings that convert

How can you tell if the client is the right fit? 

Begin by setting expectations with your clients. Politely let them know what they can expect if they choose to work with you and pay attention to how they respond to this. Do they seem eager to get started and work within your systems? Do they seem off-put by the way you do business? Pay attention to signs that could predict the future of how will you work with this prospect. 

What immediate steps can you take to amp up your prospect meetings?

Look for ways to validate your clients. They’ve worked hard to ensure their financial stability until this point, and it’s important that you honor that. Of course, you’ll provide advice for steps they can take to raise the bar, but honor the hard work they’ve done to find success thus far.

Structure the meeting strategically. Take questions at the beginning, and acknowledge every question throughout that meeting. If you say to your client, “Hey, I can answer that for you, but I need to learn more about your unique situation to give you the answer you deserve.” Prospects will respect your honesty and be glad that you’re truly looking to deliver massive value to them. 

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