What You'll Learn In Today's Episode:

  • Why sometimes a business doesn’t look complicated until you start peeling back the layers.
  • How delegation isn’t really something new in anyone’s life.
  • Why you need to look at whether you delegated poorly.
  • The importance of having a checklist for your processes.
  • Why you need to look at what decisions someone else can make.
  • Why you need to have an ironclad employment agreement.
  • That once you delegate a task out, you can’t take it back.

It can be hard to make the jump to start delegating, and since we need to be honest here, it doesn’t always go as planned. At first glance, delegating a task for booking travel seems simple. But what if you end up in the middle seat of the last row? On today’s episode, Orion Matthews joins Matt and Micah to talk about their experiences with delegation and why you need a process and checklist to make sure tasks are done the right way.

Listen in as the guys discuss why you need to make sure to look at your process to make sure that everything is documented correctly, and that if two or more people can perform a task, then it should be delegated.

Resources In Today's Episode:

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