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What You'll Learn In Today's Episode:

  • Why you need to look at limiting numbers and where those numbers come from.
  • That you need to look at real numbers when considering whether to bring another person onto your team.
  • Why creating effective processes can help not only you and your efficiency but your team’s as well.
  • Understanding that most issues and self-limiting beliefs come down to head trash.
  • That you need to figure out what you’re solving for.

If an advisor says that it’s only possible to serve a certain number of clients, would you believe them? Instead, you should consider where that and any other limiting beliefs come from. On today’s episode, Matt and Micah shut down the idea that advisors can only have a certain number of clients in order to provide more service than others. Listen in as they share what numbers you need to be looking at and why it comes down to what you’re solving for and being intentional.

Resources In Today's Episode:

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