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What You'll Learn In Today's Episode:

  • Embrace the Power of ‘No’: Hearing ‘no’ is a part of the sales process, and it’s essential to understand that each ‘no’ is a stepping stone to the desired ‘yes’. Learning to navigate rejection is crucial for success in sales.
  • Consistency is Key: The episode highlights the importance of consistently delivering value and implementing effective processes. This includes sticking to a regular schedule of prospecting, as well as being consistent in following a proven sales process.
  • Use Your Time Strategically: Being intentional with your time is essential. This includes focusing on hard work and avoiding distractions that can lead to avoidance behaviors. Using a ‘perfect week’ calendar can help in managing time more effectively.
  • The Importance of a Written Prospect Process: Having a written prospect process that outlines what will take place in an appointment and the values that will be provided can be beneficial. This helps in setting expectations, taking action, and maintaining accountability.
  • Delivering Value is Key: Whether it’s through social media, online content, or direct interactions, it’s essential to ensure that every activity is designed to deliver value. This also includes asking the right questions to maximize the value delivered to clients.

Matt and Micah discuss the power of effective sales and prospecting strategies. They’ll highlight the importance of being intentional with time, taking risks, and delivering value, as well as talk about the discomfort of hearing ‘no’ but stress that it is a stepping stone to a rewarding ‘yes’. The guys also unpack the concept of a ‘perfect week’, a roadmap to stay on track and continuously deliver value. Learn more about the significance of having a written prospect process and sticking to it in order to guide appointments.

Resources In Today's Episode:

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