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What You'll Learn In Today's Episode:

  • Emphasizing Control: Recognizing the limits of control is crucial, and effective advisors need to direct their energy toward elements within their influence.
  • Central Role of Financial Advisors: A financial advisor plays the single most important role in a client’s professional life. Being genuinely interested in the client’s success and understanding their needs are key components of fulfilling this role effectively.
  • Drawing Out Client Priorities: This requires practice and preparation. Establishing a connection during the initial chit-chat and addressing the client’s questions and concerns is essential.
  • Courage in Asking ‘What Else’: This opens the door for clients to share additional information, concerns, or aspects of their lives that may not have been initially addressed.

Matt and Micah are unraveling the intricacies of client meetings and the pivotal role financial advisors play in their clients’ lives. They’re exploring the two critical components that can elevate your client meetings to new heights. There will always be outside forces to contend with, so be sure to focus on what you can control in client meetings, particularly the behind-the-scenes and pre- and post-meeting elements. It’s crucial that advisors know and practice how to draw out a client’s most important concerns by asking thoughtful questions. And don’t forget the significance of meticulous note-taking and dictation, which is vital for communicating with your team, assigning tasks, and preparing for future meetings.

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