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What You'll Learn In Today's Episode:

  • Time blocking and surge scheduling can help advisors be more intentional and effective with their time.
  • Delivering value in client meetings is crucial for building strong relationships and gaining client trust.
  • Being effective with time means focusing on the right tasks that deliver value rather than being efficient with unimportant tasks.
  • Getting rid of freebies, freeloaders, and exceptions helps advisors maintain profitability and respect for their time.
  • Defining new clients based on personal, productive, and profitable criteria ensures a better fit for the practice.
  • Delivering massive value in tax planning and estate planning can set advisors apart from other professionals.
  • Cutting opportunities to play office and being more focused on work can lead to greater productivity.
  • Investing in professional development is essential for continuous growth and improvement.
  • Hiring a virtual assistant can free up time and help with various tasks in the practice.
  • Committing to double success in 36 months requires setting ambitious goals and taking action to achieve them.
  • Joining a coaching program like Invictus can provide guidance and support for practice growth.
  • Writing out the onboarding process helps ensure a smooth and valuable experience for new clients.

In this Christmas special episode, Micah and Matt discuss 12 gifts advisors can give their practice to focus on improving. These gifts include time blocking and surge scheduling, delivering value in client meetings, being effective with time, getting rid of freebies and exceptions, defining new clients, delivering massive value in tax planning, cutting opportunities to play office, investing in professional development, hiring a virtual assistant, committing to double success in 36 months, joining the Invictus Coaching Program, and writing out the onboarding process. These gifts aim to help advisors improve their practice and achieve greater success in the coming year.

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