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What You'll Learn In Today's Episode:

  • Setting a positive and enthusiastic tone at the beginning of meetings can greatly impact the prospect’s perception and engagement.
  • Tracking conversion rates at each step of the prospecting process is crucial for identifying areas of improvement and optimizing results.
  • Identifying ideal clients and focusing on lead sources that have proven to be effective can save time and energy in prospecting efforts.
  • Evaluating lead generation channels is essential to determine which ones are generating actual clients and not just leads.

In this episode, Micah and Matt discuss the key steps and strategies for successful prospecting and client conversion. They emphasize the need to track and analyze prospect data to identify the most effective prospecting channels and the significance of knowing your numbers and tracking conversion rates at each step of the process. They also highlight the importance of simplifying complex concepts for clients and differentiating oneself from other advisors. Additionally, they discuss the importance of evaluating and adjusting prospecting strategies and identifying reasons for prospect rejection.

Resources In Today's Episode:

– Matt Jarvis: Website | LinkedIn
– Micah Shilanski: Website | LinkedIn
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