If you think Matt and Micah’s journeys to building successful practices were easy, think again. They made just about every mistake along the way, and today they discuss where they went wrong and what they learned in order to give you the insight and guidelines you need to avoid making these same mistakes in your own practice.

Listen in to hear some of their biggest marketing flops and what they could’ve—and probably should’ve—done differently. You’ll also get to hear some of the successful marketing choices they have made that will make it easier for you to gauge and ensure success for yourself.

What You'll Learn In Today's Episode:

  • How to create a filter to find the right marketing methods.
  • A $5000-dollar lesson in owning the process yourself and doing quality control.
  • The story of the one-person seminar flop.
  • The wrong way to go about seminars and the importance of following the success of others.
  • How Matt and Micah handle time off with themselves and their support staff.
  • The first thing to look at before starting a new thing.
  • How to know the difference between proven and speculative ideas.
  • Tips for figuring out what will work for you and your style of presentation.
  • Where extreme ownership needs to come in.

Resources In Today's Episode:

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