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What You'll Learn In Today's Episode:

  • It may take some time to figure out what works for you.
  • Be intentional about the time you dedicate to creating content.
  • The importance of being consistent in providing information on social media.
  • You need to commit to doing something in order to see results.
  • How the best content came from client questions.

Do you think that social media is an instant way to get referrals and clients? Do you just post anything that comes to mind and sit and wait for someone to knock on your door? On this episode of What Works Wednesday, Matt is joined by Dave Zoller of Streamline Financial Planning, who has created a successful system and process for attracting clients and referrals through social media and content marketing. Dave will share how he started creating content and the importance of being intentional about educating others and about your time.

Resources In Today's Episode:

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