What You'll Learn In Today's Episode:

  • Delegation can create peace of mind and allow individuals to focus on the things they love.
  • Happiness in the workplace is the responsibility of the individual, not the employer.
  • Strategic recovery and finding joy in one’s career are essential for sustained growth and satisfaction.
  • Delegating tasks to an assistant can help both the individual and the assistant grow and succeed.
  • The mindset around delegation and work-life balance plays a crucial role in career satisfaction.

In this recap episode, we’re revisiting the highlights from this week on delegation and the role your job plays in your life. Lisa Zeeveld from BELAY joined Matt to share invaluable wisdom on how leveraging virtual assistants and bookkeepers can create a profound sense of peace of mind, enabling advisors to focus on their core genius. Lisa highlighted the transformative power of delegation, empowering advisors to reclaim their time, attend family events, and pursue personal passions. By entrusting tasks to skilled professionals, advisors can safeguard their businesses, ensure meticulous financial management, and protect themselves from overlooking crucial details.

Jamie emphasized the importance of separating one’s vocation from avocation, challenging the notion that a job should be the sole source of happiness. She encourages financial advisors to strategically invest in their recovery and personal fulfillment, recognizing that true growth stems from a balanced approach to work and life.

Read the Transcript Below:

Amber Kuhn  

Hello TPR Nation this is Amber Kuhn. Thank you for joining me on today’s Follow up Friday where I’ll be recapping this week’s episode highlights and action items on Monday and that was joined once again by Lisa from BELAY to talk about the peace of mind that delegation can create in your life. Lisa shared how BELAY does an annual survey with their clients and one of the things they kept coming across in the responses. Were comments from clients that by using one of their virtual assistants or bookkeepers, that it creates such incredible peace of mind and the opportunity to be able to do the things they love to do, whether it’s traveling more even going to their kids sporting events, Matt brought up that with those things that you’re handing over to someone else. It’s not that you’re ignoring things, but it’s being taken care of by someone who’s really good at that particular thing and taking care of things so that you don’t have to worry about it. And in the end things actually get done. And your VA can also protect you and your time so that you’re not constantly reacting to things and you’re able to be at your best. And even from a risk management side met said that it’s so important to have a bookkeeper to take care of your books. Because if you’re the only one who’s doing your finances you’re going to miss the details. A bookkeeper loves looking up as details and they’ll notice the things that you might not give you a different perspective and of course it allows you to protect yourself. Man Lisa also talked about your mindset when it comes to delegation. And I’ll people might look at a task they hate doing and just assume that everyone else hates doing it too, and therefore end up feeling bad handing that over to another person. But that isn’t the case. There are people who thrive in that particular environment and they like helping small businesses and those who struggle. They are there to elevate your business and leverage their skill set. It’s also easy to say I’ll hire someone when the problem with that is that Mark can consistently move or appoint. So as far as when it’s the right time to bring on a virtual assistant. Lisa said at a minimum you need to have money be able to write the check, but also look at the little things in your life and where you are with things like your lawn work and housekeeping. If you say that you can just do those things because it’s cheaper than just you’re gonna have a hard time learning to delegate. But BELAY has to offer packages where people can start out with one thing and then grow over time with what they need and what they feel comfortable delegating, not sort of foolish to not take advantage of who can really help and in a way that you don’t have to deal with the overhead cost that comes with a full time person. And you also have the option of someone who can scale up with you or scale back if needed, and Assistant can even help with some of those personal things. That you feel like you should do or even remember, maybe it’s the kids doctor’s appointments or sending flowers to someone. But that may not be your area of genius, but by having someone else handle those things where that is their area of genius. Overall that makes things better for everyone leaves us of learning to do this is a muscle you need to utilize and grow. But another benefit is that by delegate you’re also helping your assistant grow. For example, Lisa will meet with her assistant quarterly to review what she enjoyed doing the most and what she wants to do more of. She said she becomes a better leader by doing this and it also creates job satisfaction for her assistant. So having that open dialogue will really help you delegate more. And as far as meeting with assistants, Lisa said that for her she does a weekly hour long zoom call with her assistant. Is there a completely virtual team and they’ll review what’s happening in the next seven to 10 days. And Lisa also has a running task list. And then she gets quarterly and these are check ins to review promises and expectations and go for what’s working and what isn’t. This helps to build trust because Lisa looks at her assistant as an extension of her and her assistant is able to grow her skill set and also give Lisa peace of mind. Let’s get an action items. Consider some of your tasks that you could easily hit overturn assistant such as email and calendaring and any personal appointments as well. And then text RIA to 55123 to get BELAY’s ebook on delegation, which includes a checklist of the things that you need to delegate. On Thursday, Jamie was talking about how your vocation needs to pay for your application. She pointed out that the current state of social media and people claiming that they can just be all taking all these adventures if they just had a better work life balance, that it’s created this false sense of reality. And entitlement that your job should fulfill your happiness. But your employer isn’t responsible for your happiness. You are responsible for your happiness and you have to choose to be happy. Now it’s possible to find happiness in your job. But again, it isn’t anyone’s responsibility to make you happy with the work that you’re doing. But right now we’ve said over and over again is to live your dream and find your passion. And that’s what your career should then be. But Jamie said that the following your passion or your grandparents and billionaires while everyone else who’s raising you is telling you to outwork. Jamie also said that by getting to where she is now in mastering delegation, she can then buy back her time to do the recreational things she wants to do. She’s said that people don’t spend enough time strategically focused on their recovery. And then if you don’t know how to recover, you won’t sustain growth. She said to consider when was the last time that you’ve thought about what truly refills your cup? What time are you carving out for yourself each week? So people give themselves a lot of reasons why they can’t do things that very few reasons why they can. Jamie said you should grind so hard professionally that you’re able to be whatever you choose. So you can then go do all the things you want to do with your discretionary income. And to stop always looking for your occupation or for your employer to be directly responsible for your happiness. find other ways to be happy. Let’s get an action items. Do a self assessment for ways that refill your cup and look for how in when do you get the most joy and for the people in your life? Whether it’s your spouse or your family, look at where they are applying these same techniques and doing this in their lives so that they can be better make sure that you’re a productive part and fightings TPR Nation if you’re looking for more resources or if you have a question, be sure to email our team at lifestyle at theperfectria.com. Thank you for joining me for today’s recap and please share this or any of our episodes with another advisor or team member who you think might benefit from listening. Until next time, happy planning.

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