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What You'll Learn In Today's Episode:

  • Balancing Work Intensity with Breaks: Being aware of what drains your energy and taking breaks can help maintain productivity and prevent burnout.
  • Self-Care Habits: Fundamental practices such as eating nutritious food, staying hydrated, and getting enough sleep are essential for maintaining energy levels and managing stress.
  • Networking and Surrounding Oneself with Inspiring People: Networking and connecting with others in the industry can help advisors and event planners stay motivated and engaged in their work.
  • Managing Energy in Short, Medium, and Long Terms: Having a well-rounded approach to energy management is essential for long-term well-being.
  • Support and Collaboration: In the financial planning industry and event planning, working together and supporting each other can lead to better results.

In this episode, Matt sits down with Kat Eletskikh from the Chartered Institute for Securities and Investment (CISI), the UK’s equivalent to the CFP board. Kat played a pivotal role in organizing the recent CISI annual conference, and she shared invaluable insights on event planning, stress management, and avoiding burnout. Her experience in orchestrating events for a not-for-profit organization highlights the dedication required to create meaningful experiences for members, foster learning, and build connections within the financial planning industry. She emphasizes the importance of striking a balance between high-intensity work and rejuvenating breaks and practicing basic self-care habits. Her advice on networking and surrounding oneself with inspiring individuals speaks to the significance of motivation and energy in demanding industries. 

Resources In Today's Episode:

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