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Monday kicked off with an extraordinary coaching session as Matt and Micah welcomed John McKinley from the Invictus program to tackle his head trash related to increasing his fees and navigating the fear from his extreme accountability.
On Wednesday, the conversation shifted to leadership with Carlos Mendez from Echelon Front, co-founded by the remarkable Jocko Willink, diving into the 4 laws of combat and building successful relationships.
Thursday, Jamie shed light on the challenges advisors face when clients make decisions against their recommendations and how to maintain accountability to safeguard both the advisor and the client.
Join us for this week’s highlights and action items.

Listen to this week’s episodes:

Holy Smokes My Fees Are Going Up! What Am I Gonna Do? [Episode 226]

Navigating Leadership Waters with Guest Carlos Mendez

You’re Pi$$ing Me Off – Part 2

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