Are you aware of all the little things that can help or hurt your credibility, such as relating to your clients on an emotional level? Do you look at your environment and focus on the barriers, or are you pushing forward and implementing any change to improve your practice and your life? What’s your worth? Have you taken the time to look at who you serve and who you want to become? Listen in as we recap this week’s highlights and action items.

Listen to this week’s episodes:

Do You Even Have Credibility? [Episode 202]

What Works Wednesday – Working Past Limitations With Guest David Edmisten

Worlds To Conquer – Chasing Money VS. Delivering Massive Value

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Throwback: Asking Questions That Matter For Estate Planning

How to deliver massive value items, specifically several things we need to focus on as advisors to make sure we’re always exceeding expectations.

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Mastering Communication, Delegation Secrets, and Personal Growth

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