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What You'll Learn In Today's Episode:

  • Assessing Past Assistant Experiences: Reflect on past experiences with assistants to identify what went well and what didn’t. 
  • Identifying the Right Assistant Characteristics: Recognize the core characteristics that make a great administrative assistant, facilitating a quicker onboarding process and a more productive working relationship.
  • Managing Onboarding Expectations and Time Investment: Set realistic expectations for the onboarding process, understanding that it takes time for an assistant to reach full productivity. 
  • Establishing Effective Communication Cadence: Develop a proactive and consistent communication cadence with your assistant, emphasizing daily communication, task-sharing protocols, and having backup plans for urgent matters.
  • Leveraging External Assistance for Hiring: Consider partnering with a specialized company like Belay to streamline the assistant hiring process, ensuring a better fit and support in case of mismatches. 

Micah is taking the reigns in today’s guest episode as he discusses his journey of bringing on an assistant with Theresa Summerlin from Belay. Theresa shares that while Micah’s search for the right fit had its challenges, it’s imperative to find someone who clicks with your needs, fast-tracking the onboarding process and creating a solid partnership. Patience, open communication, and daily collaboration are the keys to success during the first few months, but this can lead to you leveling up your practice and finding the perfect assistant to help you thrive!

Resources In Today's Episode:

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