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What You'll Learn In Today's Episode:

  • The Power of Doing the Work and Being Intentional: Don’t get caught up in distractions, self-limiting beliefs, or negative opinions from others. Instead, focus on taking consistent action, learning from those who have more experience, and staying committed to your goals. By being intentional and purpose-driven, you can accelerate your learning, personal development, and career growth.
  • Embrace Obstacles as Opportunities for Success: Success is not always smooth sailing. Obstacles are bound to arise, but rather than being discouraged by them, view them as opportunities for growth and success.
  • Building and Implementing Processes: By being intentional with your work and your time, you can build processes and implement them intentionally to double your business. Time-blocking, identifying client needs, and backing these into a well-thought-out business plan are instrumental in success.
  • The Importance of Education and Continuous Learning: Earning credentials like the CFP and seeking guidance from mentors helped Amyr feel more prepared and capable in his career. Invest in your education, seek opportunities to learn from experienced professionals, and continuously develop your skills to earn a place at the table and contribute to your field.
  • Giving Back and Adding Value to the Community: Giving back to the financial planning community and being involved in organizations demonstrates the power of contributing to something bigger than oneself. By doing this, you not only help others but also create opportunities for personal growth, networking, and recognition within the community.

Amyr Rocha Lima joins today’s episode to discuss the importance of doing intentional work and overcoming self-limiting beliefs to achieve success. It’s time that you “stop the noise” and not be influenced by negative external factors or opinions. Instead, Amyr encourages listeners to focus on doing the work and learning from those who have more experience.

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