What You'll Learn In Today's Episode:

  • Confirmation bias leads us to believe what we want to believe about ourselves.
  • System One thinking is intuitive and impulsive, while system two thinking is logical and methodical.
  • Understanding how people make buying decisions using system one thinking can inform marketing strategies.
  • Marketing efforts should focus on moving towards pleasure or away from pain to resonate with consumers.
  • Using research to promote your brand can lead to positive change in people’s lives.

In this podcast episode, Jamie Shilanski is digging into the the power of confirmation bias and its role in becoming a better financial advisor. Using astrological signs, Jamie illustrates how confirmation bias influences our beliefs about ourselves. She draws on Angela Duckworth’s research, explaining the interplay between system one (instantaneous, subconscious) and system two (slower, intentional) thinking.

She explores how this concept extends to marketing and buying decisions, revealing that people predominantly rely on System 1 thinking due to its quick, lazy nature. Brand recognition and trust play significant roles in this process.

To connect with clients, Jamie suggests understanding their System 1 thinking, recognizing their intuition, and leveraging the principle of moving towards pleasure or away from pain. She shares a practical approach to marketing by categorizing attributes like intuitive, brand recognition, conscientious, instinctive, and emotional reference on a spectrum between pleasure and pain. Simplifying rather than overcomplicating, Jamie emphasizes the importance of focusing on the basics in marketing, offerings, and customer experience. Optimize your approach by aligning with clients’ intuitive thinking and addressing their pleasure or pain points.

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