On Monday, Matt and Micah were reflecting on the core reason behind starting The Perfect RIA podcast – to bridge the gap between advice shared and the reality faced by financial advisors. They stress that with client and prospect meetings, you want to approach them with curiosity and focus on delivering value and that effective communication outweighs technical skills. 

In the middle of the week, Evan Mayer of Fortuna Wealth and the For Advisors By Advisors podcast joined Matt to discuss the multifaceted aspects of financial advising. Evan shared his journey, highlighting the pivotal role of adding value to clients and the significance of consistency in his daily routine. His insights shed light on time management, meeting strategies, and maintaining a work-life balance.

Thursday brought Jamie to the spotlight, discussing the dynamics of marketing in the financial advising realm. Jamie stresses the importance of understanding your audience, delivering consistent value through content, and using client questions as a guide for generating meaningful topics. She emphasizes the need for a disciplined content calendar to build trust and dependability with your audience.

Join us as we recap this week’s highlights and action items.

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