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Using software for tax projects can’t replace the expertise of a skilled financial planner or human touch and understanding. The craftsman behind the tools matters more than the tools themselves.
Podcasting as a niche-focused, engagement-driven client communication tool is powerful and can enhance an advisor’s influence. Understand that your authenticity matters and that active listening is imperative as a financial planner.
Starting from the prospect’s first impression, do you understand the significance of new client onboarding and the lasting impact it creates? You need to provide exceptional value and a rich experience that exceeds expectations, all the way from initial interactions to long-term relationships.
Listen in as we recap this week’s highlights and action items.

Listen to this week’s episodes:

You Can’t Do A Tax Projection Without Software…Or Can You? [Episode 219]

Cutting Through the Noise With Guest Matt Halloran

Dude, You Started It!

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