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We’re recapping a topic Matt and Micah rarely discuss: investments. And how their approach has evolved from talking excessively about investments to realizing that it’s not always the key to client success. It’s important to align investments with a broader financial plan, which debunks the myth of custom portfolios and focuses on clients’ ultimate goals rather than emotional risk tolerance.
We also review the often-overlooked significance of sound bookkeeping for financial advisors. Lisa Zeeveld, from Belay, joined Matthew to highlight the dangers of DIY solutions and the value of expert guidance in optimizing business finances. Lisa advocates for intentional financial statements to enhance long-term business planning.
Lastly, we’re sharing how Jamie underscores the need for financial advisors to prioritize their own financial well-being, offering valuable insights into team education and succession planning.
Listen in as we recap this week’s highlights and action items.

Here are this week’s episodes:

My Investments Are Bigger Than Yours [Episode 223]

Delegation & Bookkeeping Breakthroughs with Guest Lisa Zeeveld


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