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On Monday, Matt was joined by Michael Kitces, the visionary behind, who took us on a 15-year journey through the evolution of his venture. Michael shared the phases every entrepreneur encounters, from the tentative launch to the realization of sustained growth. 

Wednesday, Wayne Firebaugh, INVICTUS member and radio host, joined us to emphasize the significance of well-documented beliefs as the foundation for client meetings and decision-making. Wayne stressed the need for adaptability, highlighting how beliefs can evolve over time. 

Thursday, Jamie recapped her recent attendance at a financial conference, sharing the invaluable connections and wisdom she gained. She also revealed a strategic action item she took from the conference and stressed the importance of acknowledging and complimenting those who excel in their daily grind. 

Listen in as we recap this week’s highlights and action items.

Mastering Time with Guest Michael Kitces [Episode 229]

The Power Of Beliefs With Guest Wayne Firebaugh

Jiving With Jennifer

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