In today’s recap, we’re first revisiting Monday’s episode, where Matt and Micah shared their experiences at a recent conference where Matt grappled with questions about his practice’s efficiency and spare time. The conversation revolved around the challenge of seeking guidance and insights from others in the field, especially when the advice you receive doesn’t align with the reality of your own experiences.
Wednesday’s episode featured guest Kat Eletskikh from the Chartered Institute for Securities and Investment (CISI). Kat discussed her role in event planning and managing stress in a demanding industry. She shared her strategies for maintaining high energy levels, emphasizing the importance of self-care, nutrition, and networking.
Thursday, Jamie talked about the importance of practicing value adds as an opportunity to ensure you have a common language within your office and confidence in your delivery to clients.
Tune in to learn more about navigating professional conferences, managing stress, and practicing delivery. Don’t miss this recap of our recent episodes!

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