What You'll Learn In Today's Episode:

  • Advisors should adopt a business owner mindset and view their practice from a business perspective.
  • Outgrowing clients is a natural part of practice evolution, and it’s important to align clients with your core beliefs.
  • Segmenting clients based on service levels and fees can lead to justifying the value delivered, so focus on showing value instead.
  • Receiving and delivering criticism should be done constructively, with open communication and a focus on growth.

In this recap episode, Amber discusses the importance of advisors viewing themselves as business owners and looking at their practice from a business perspective. She explores the topic of outgrowing clients and the challenges of segmenting clients based on service levels and fees. The conversation then shifts to the value that advisors provide and the client’s choice to pay for that value.  Finally, she explores the topic of receiving and delivering criticism, emphasizing the importance of constructive feedback and open communication.

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