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What You'll Learn In Today's Episode:

  • Virtual assistants can help with various marketing tasks, such as content repurposing, podcast management, and tracking and reporting.
  • Consistency is key in marketing; virtual assistants can ensure that marketing efforts are consistent and ongoing.
  • Virtual assistants can assist with networking and relationship building by researching events and coordinating activities.
  • It is important to focus on activities that virtual assistants can control and track their progress to improve marketing outcomes.
  • Weekly check-ins with virtual assistants should be approached with energy and excitement, and tasks should be discussed and documented for follow-up.

In this episode, Matthew Jarvis interviews Amy Appleton, the Vice President of Marketing for Belay, about how financial advisors can use virtual assistants to enhance their marketing efforts. Amy shares her experience of using virtual assistants for marketing at Belay and provides practical tips for advisors. The conversation covers topics such as content repurposing, podcast management, tracking and reporting, networking, and more. Amy emphasizes the importance of consistency in marketing and the value of having a support team to handle various marketing tasks.

Resources In Today's Episode:

– Matt Jarvis: Website | LinkedIn
– Amy Appleton: Website | LinkedIn
Text RIA to 55123 to learn more about Belay Virtual Assistants

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