What You'll Learn In Today's Episode:

  • That you need to be intentional about the information you’re sharing with your clients.
  • Creating content for your clients should be something that is always timeless.
  • That you can share information from the news but in a way that is a lesson in your own words.
  • Why you should reference past questions from your clients in creating information to share.
  • How client events help build your authority when it comes to prospects.

How are you deciding ways to connect with your clients throughout the year? If it’s to update them on the latest news story without any true purpose, then you might be doing them a disservice. On today’s episode, Micah is joined by Chad Hufford, a fellow Alaskan from Veritas Wealth Management, to talk about how he creates events and touchpoints that help build momentum and educate his clients. Micah and Chad will also discuss the lens to view with deciding what content to share as well as why you don’t have the be the expert in everything to add value to your clients.

Resources In Today's Episode:

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