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What You'll Learn In Today's Episode:

  • How adjustments can save almost any plan.
  • That you need to share different scenarios with your clients regarding their decisions.
  • Why you need to talk to your clients, not just when they need to tighten their belts.
  • The importance of talking to your clients in a way they understand.
  • How Income Lab helps let advisors know when adjustments are needed.
  • Why retirees have superpowers.

Calculating Dynamic Distribution Rates is not something you can figure out with a notepad or a calculator. On today’s episode, Justin Fitzpatrick from Income Lab joins Matt to talk about how through their software, they work to bring better outcomes and experiences to clients and why it’s important to talk to clients in a way that they understand.

Listen in as Matt and Justin discuss that people don’t change the way they speak just because they retire and how little changes can result in a  big long-term effect.

Resources In Today's Episode:

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