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What You'll Learn In Today's Episode:

  • Taylor’s advice for taking extended periods of time off work.
  • The benefit of scheduling one-to-one time with your significant other and family.
  • The importance of making time to take care of yourself, even on vacation.
  • The benefit of ensuring your team members know what they’re responsible for.
  • How to let go of the desire to make everything perfect.

Building a practice that can run successfully without you being there for extended periods of time can be hard work, but it is entirely worth it. Taking time off and detaching from work is important for focus and stress management, and can even be beneficial for long-term health. But do you think your practice could run without you for an entire month? Taylor Schulte, Founder of Define Financial, joins the show to share his experience with going completely offline for an entire month, including how he prepared his practice and the things he did in the lead-up.

Listen in Taylor explains the importance of having a good team in place and ensuring everyone knows what they’re responsible for so that, when you decide to take a holiday, it is not a stressful event. You will learn how Taylor prepared his podcast to continue pushing out new content while he was away, what he learned about his email process, and the importance of not getting hung up on perfecting every little thing.

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