What You'll Learn In Today's Episode:

  • Why you need the approval of political donations from the home office if you’re with a broker-dealer.
  • Why you may want to switch to an RIA if you want to save more money.
  • Whether an RIA or broker-dealer is more strict about reading your emails and monitoring your social accounts.
  • Why you shouldn’t be intimidated by RIAs.
  • How staying with a broker-dealer could lead to you making less money.
  • When you should stay at your broker-dealer.

If you are an investor wanting to avoid the larger wirehouses, you are probably in the market for an independent financial planner or advisor who doesn’t work at one of the larger firms. Generally, an independent planner or advisor will either be a registered investment advisor (RIA) or someone who works for an independent broker-dealer. In this episode, Matt is joined by Brad Wales, Founder of Transition to RIA, and although they are both large advocates for RIAs, they will be sharing their top reasons as to why you may want to stay with a broker-dealer.

Listen in as they explain whether a broker-dealer or an RIA is more likely to monitor your social media accounts and your emails, as well as who gives you more freedom when making donations. You will learn why you shouldn’t fear leaving your broker-dealer, why you should consider moving to an RIA, and why you should always understand the options available to you.

Resources In Today's Episode:

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