What You'll Learn In Today's Episode:

  • The importance of finding what works and adjusting it to fit your practice.
  • How to overcome the head trash that often comes up when building a successful practice.
  • Why taking extreme accountability for the things you do is crucial.
  • The intense changes Joe made to his practice and how he pulled them off.
  • How surge meetings have transformed his practice.
  • How Joe has improved his marketing efforts and what this has done for his business.
  • Advice for anyone thinking about starting a podcast.

Financial advisors spend most of their time helping their clients achieve their financial goals, but in order to ensure the long-term success of the practice, it is essential to plan for the future of the firm, as well. Although he was running a successful practice already, Joe Curry, President & Financial Planner at Matthews + Associates Ltd., recognized that there were some big shifts that needed to be made to really elevate his practice to the next level. So, in this episode, Joe shares the changes he implemented in his practice and his advice for anyone hoping to do the same.

Listen in as he explains how being intentional and using surge meetings have transformed his business. You will learn the marketing efforts he has changed in his firm, the importance of being approachable, and the benefit of taking extreme accountability in your business.

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