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Are you working nonstop and feeling like the success of your practice depends on you always being physically present? Do you struggle to keep your team engaged and productive? Does your RIA lack the systems and processes needed to operate at maximum efficiency? Then The Perfect RIA podcast may be what you are looking for, as Matt and Micah offer actionable advice to help you move your practice to the next level.

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THIS WEEK’S PODCASTFollow Up Friday – Team Won’t Implement

Action items for the upcoming week to help your practice succeed. ...Read More

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How to Provide High-Value Services Part 2 – The Takeaways [Episode 29]

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A Roadmap for a Value-Driven Financial Plan [Episode 13]

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Realistic Ruminations on Broker-Dealers [Episode 12]

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Coach Joe Lukacs Revisited [Episode 11]

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From Scarcity to Prosperity: Insights and Advice from Coach Joe Lukacs [Episode 10]

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The Pitfalls of Busyness: How to Alter Your Shopkeeper Mentality [Episode 8]

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Weekly Wrap Up – Why Advisors Fail

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