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What You'll Learn In Today's Episode:

  • Focus on Deepening Client Relationships: Building strong, long-lasting relationships is more valuable than trying to serve as many clients as possible.
  • Implement Themed Financial Planning: Creating themes for financial planning can streamline the planning process and enhance client engagement. Rather than overwhelming clients with an exhaustive checklist of topics, break the year into themes to educate and support clients on specific subjects.
  • Educate Clients Continuously: Effective financial planning involves continuous client education. Revisiting and re-educating clients on key topics, even if they were covered in the past, helps solidify their understanding and keeps them engaged in the planning process.
  • Provide Value with Value-Adds: Use value-added services, such as webinars with experts, to enhance the theme of the year. These value-adds educate not only clients but also position opportunities for additional sales or services in a non-salesy manner.
  • Adopt a Long-Term Perspective: By discussing topics that may not immediately impact clients but are crucial in the long run, advisors can position themselves as forward-thinking and indispensable partners.

Matthew Jarvis welcomes Libby Greiwe from The Efficient Advisor to share her wealth of knowledge drawn from successfully managing a million-dollar practice while working just 24 hours a week. Libby emphasizes the importance of deepening client relationships through themed financial planning, continuous client education, and value-added services. Discover how focusing on themes can revolutionize your practice, making it more engaging, educational, and, ultimately, more successful. Tune in to explore the art of providing exceptional value and building a thriving advisory community.

Resources In Today's Episode:

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