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Thursday, Feb 08, 2024

Why You Need To Rethink Your Prospect Process

Cookie-cutter sales tactics don’t work when a prospect’s life savings are on the line. Matthew Jarvis, CFP®, explains how you can leverage your prospect process to stand apart from the competition.

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Thursday, Jan 25, 2024

Don’t Miss Out On This Powerful Tax Strategy For Clients

Matthew Jarvis, CFP®, shares how backdoor Roth contributions can be a game changer for your clients and several ways advisors mess it up.

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Thursday, Jan 11, 2024

Don’t Know Your Closing Rate? Here’s How To Find It

Think you only need to see 25 prospects to get 25 new clients? Wrong! Matthew Jarvis, CFP®, shares how to find your close rate and the prospect data you should be tracking.

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Thursday, Dec 28, 2023

9 Gifts To Make Your Practice Grow In 2024

Matthew Jarvis, CFP®, shares nine gifts you can give your practice this holiday season to set your business up for success in the coming year.

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Thursday, Dec 14, 2023

How To Find Out What Really Matters To Your Clients

Micah Shilanski, CFP®, shares his tried and true methods for uncovering what really matters in your clients’ lives so that you can help them reach their dreams.

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Thursday, Nov 30, 2023

Are You Asking The Right Questions In Estate Planning?

Matthew Jarvis, CFP®, digs into how to build a solid relationship with your clients so you can discover what they really want when planning their estate.

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Thursday, Nov 23, 2023

How An Unlikely Source Taught Micah A Valuable Lesson

Micah Shilanski, CFP®, shares how advisors can take advantage of everyday experiences to improve the ways they interact with clients.

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Thursday, Nov 09, 2023

Feeling Crunched For Time? Here’s How To Structure Your Schedule

Matthew Jarvis, CFP®, shares takeaways from his conversation with Michael Kitces on maximizing your time and making the most of your calendar

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Thursday, Oct 26, 2023

Traps That Advisors Fall Into And How to Avoid Them

Micah Shilanski, CFP®, shares five common traps advisors fall into while searching for success and the most effective way for advisors to build their business.

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Thursday, Oct 12, 2023

Why This Number Is The Most Important Metric In Your Practice

Not all the metrics we measure in our practice are created equal. Matthew Jarvis, CFP®, shares the one number you must be tracking to build an effective practice.

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Thursday, Sep 28, 2023

There’s A Better Way To Talk About Investing

Micah Shilanski, CFP®, shares his scripts for discussing investments with clients and why portfolios based on emotional risk tolerance fail to deliver.

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Thursday, Sep 14, 2023

Three Myths About Surge And What You Should Know

Despite taking the industry by storm, advisors still believe these three myths about Surge. Micah Shilanski, CFP®, shares how to overcome these common Surge misconceptions

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Thursday, Aug 31, 2023

How To Deliver The Most Value With A Tax Return

Matthew Jarvis, CFP®, shares how to overcome hurdles in getting client tax returns and how to make basic tax projections to deliver massive value to your clients

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Thursday, Aug 24, 2023

Prospecting Got You Down? Here’s How To Turn It Around

Rejection hurts, which is why so many advisors hide from prospecting by playing office. Micah Shilanski, CFP®, shares ways to adjust your mindset around rejection.

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Thursday, Aug 10, 2023

Afraid Of Rejection? Here’s How To Remove The Sting From Prospecting

Many advisors we meet are going about prospecting all wrong. Matthew Jarvis, CFP®, shares a simple mindset change that will revolutionize your prospect process and your practice.

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